Adoptrail Walk&Pick Donation Ceremony

Adoptrail Walk&Pick to Clean Our Community


Title: Adoptrail Club Hosted “Adoptrail Walk&Pick Donation Ceremony” Community Event to Promote Community Building and Environmental Protection

Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada – June 4, 2023 – Adoptrail Club, in collaboration with the Tri-Cities Chinese Community Society (TCCS), successfully organized a large-scale environmental community event “Adoptrail 2023 Walk&Pick Donation Ceremony” at 2 pm June 4, 2023 in Cottonwood North Park, Maple Ridge, BC. The event aimed to promote the spread of environment conservation awareness and achieve the community’s green cleaning goals, so as to contribute to build a sustainable society.

The community event was attended by supportive guests, including honorable Lisa Beare (MLA of Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows), Bob D’Eith (MLA of Maple Ridge-Mission), Fin Donnelly (MLA of Coquitlam-Burke Mountain), and Sophie Sparrow, Communications & Engagement Manager of the Alouette River Management Society, who participated in environmental volunteer activities and donation events together with Adoptrail Club. Notably, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy for British Columbia, George Heyman, expressed his encouragement and support for Adoptrail Club through a congratulation letter. The event showcased the significant achievements of the Adoptrail Club’s efforts over the the past years in protecting the environment and improving community sanitation.

The event was hosted by Linda Li, President of the Tri-Cities Chinese Community Society, and Natalie Xi, Vice President of Adoptrail Club. The enthusiastic speeches given by Honorable Lisa Beare, Bob D’Eith and Fin Donnelly commenced the event, as they passionately acclaimed the endeavor, contributions and engagement in community environment protection. They emphasized the need for active participation from everyone to achieve sustainable development goals and encouraged more people to join the environmental conservation efforts.

Following the community event, a Grand Outstanding Volunteer Awards ceremony was held, where MLA Lisa Beare and Bob D’Eith presented the Environment and Community Contribution Service Awards to the three key leaders of Adoptrail club. Sophie Sparrow, Communications & Engagement Manager of the Alouette River Management Society, presented the Outstanding Service Awards to the ten long-term volunteers of Adoptrail Club, recognizing their exceptional leadership and hard work for the environment conservation and community engagement. She highly appreciated the leaders and volunteers from Adoptrail Club, for their long-term community service engagement and their endeavor to deliver and promote the the environment protection.

Start from Left: David Li,
Nelly Yuan, Natalie Xi,
Vicky Jin, Joyce Zhao, Jason Zhang, Violet Chen,Sophie Sparrow.

The key members of Adoptrail club, Violet Chen, (the Founder and President of Adoptrail Club),  Natalie Xi(Vice President), Joyce Zhao(Assistant President), and David Li(Art and Promotion Director), explicated their original intention and vision to start this organization. They perceived the close relationship among the drastic climate changes, the large amount of waste generated by humans, as well as careless and irresponsible waste disposal and littering. As a result, Adoptrail Club was ultimately established. Through weekly community cleaning activities, monthly environment forums, and intermittent charity sales, the club is dedicated to raising individual awareness of environment protection, reducing and eliminating littering behaviors, and improving the environment. Subsequently, their ideas and actions attracted a large number of volunteers.

In only two and a half years, Adoptrail Club has grown into a global nonprofit organization with Maple Ridge as its headquarter, becoming increasingly well-known and having alliance clubs in Coquitlam, Toronto, and several cities in China and the United States. Currently, it has 122 volunteer members, with the youngest member being only six-years old. 

Since 2021, the Adoptrail Club has significantly improved the cleanliness of the surrounding communities and parks through their weekly “Adoptrail Walk&Pick” activities. The amount of garbage has been reduced from several large bags to only one small bag. The community has become cleaner, greener and safe place, not only for the residents, but also for the animals and plants residing in the neighborhood. More and more residents spontaneously volunteer for our Walk & Pick activities, actively educating their family members and friends about reasonable waste sorting and how to reduce the use of plastic products so as to minimize white pollution.

The Adoptrail Club recently held a charity book sale on May 18, 2023 of 1,056 used books, toys, and art-crafts. The proceeds of $2,238 from the charity sale were completely donated to the Alouette River Management Society’s “Adopt-A-Block Program” to purchase environmental protection tools and help more people participate in cleaning the community and protecting the Earth.

A special donation ceremony was also held as the Adoptrail Club members made an on-site donation to fundraise for the BC “Adopt-A-Block Program”, which was awarded to Ms. Sparrow.  She expressed great joy in seeing more and more young people involved in environmental conservation projects and witnessing the gradually improving environment in the community. At last, she sincerely thanked the participants for their efforts and for spreading hopes for the future.

A ceremony to donate books to the “African Library Project” led by the Adoptrail US Club was held at the event. The project, initiated by Chris Bradshaw and his family of California in 2005, aims to donate school libraries in Africa. To date, the project has donated 3,794 libraries and 3.95 million books to 13 African countries. The Adoptrail Club has donated over 200 of the remaining books from the charity sale and an additional 520 books collected later to the “African Library” project. The donation not only reduces the paper waste but also assists African children to learn and understand the world, improving the issues of hunger and poverty in Africa. Members of the Adoptrail US Club exclusively came from the United States to support this environmental event and raise funds for the “African Library Project” through the sale of hand-drawn eco-friendly shopping bags.

At the event, all participants actively engaged in the fundraising, lending a helping hand and generously donating their love to the community and African children. Inspired by the actions of the young founders of the Adoptrail Club, the atmosphere at the event became even more zestful and resulted in the neighboring communities’ attention and participation. Led by the club volunteers, the participants were divided into three groups to pick up garbage to demonstrate their determination to protect the environment. The environmental guardians traversed every corner of the community and park, cleaning up trash and waste and restoring the beauty of the nature

The event ended with the volunteers’ singing the Adoptrail Club Lyrics: “Adopt a trail, adopt a park, Adopt the mother earth, not too late for us to start… And we’ll just start slow in a town, Till we see a whole lotta green on the ground”.  Eventually, all of the participants joined the singing… The club called on everyone to take an action immediately, acknowledging that it is never too late to start. They believed that the collective effort of each individual’s small actions can bring significant change.

The “Adoptrail Walk & Pick Donation Ceremony” community event showcased the enthusiasm and dedication of the Adoptrail Club and its volunteers. They promoted environmental conservation development through practical actions and made significant contributions to the community’s greening and cleanliness. The event not only strengthen the community’s cohesion but also inspire more people to serve the community and take good care of our precious environment. It ignites the public’s awareness and determination to consciously change their lifestyles. At the end, the Adoptrail Club members  asserted that they will continue to strive for the advocacy for sustainable development and public responsibilities to protect the Earth through more community activities for creating a better future.

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We are planning a Trash pickup activity on Jun. 4th. We wish to promote more people aware of Trash littering and keep a clean community.

Charity Donation

All the funds will be donated to the environmental protection program of the Adopt-A-Block program, an affiliate of the Alouette River Management Society(ARMS) for environmental protection equipment.