About us

We are an environmental protection volunteer group founded by 5 Meadowridge School students in 2020. We grew to over 120+ club members worldwide, Partnered with Alouette River Management Society in Maple Ridge city, and expanded to 6 clubs, US(1), Canada(3), Australia(1), and China(1). We are expanding our alliance clubs worldwide.

In recent years, the earth has been tainted by endless reports of natural disasters occurring in geographically vulnerable locations. 

Floods are affecting places that previously never faced this problem, while heat waves, droughts, and earthquakes are becoming the norm.
Important wildlife and plant species are disappearing and threatening the planet’s biodiversity.

So, we want to promote and support environmental protection, build a sustainable society, and make our community more green and clean through our own strength. 

Our mission is to live well, with others and for others, in a more clean, bright, and green world!

Welcome to join us!